Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together

CuraLife’s Facebook Community

A Community and Support center for people with blood sugar issues.
A trusted source of content and a catalyst for change.
An endless stream of social intervention and proof, with over 150,000 comments a month, allowing us to understand our patients needs.

Winning type 2 diabetes Together

Largest blood sugar support group in the world!

CuraLife’s Facebook Community

  • Community Connections Fighting blood sugar issues is hard for all, but we believe that joining forces and being supported by those who are going through the same struggle, is a crucial stage in the process.

  • Answer Seeing is believing, so it's important to get testimonials from those that have already experienced.

  • Emotional Support We all have hard days and better days, but when we have someone to ensure that during our harder days we see the light, we have a purpose to get through them.

  • Education To best understand the individuals we are serving, we work to depict their pain points through the community posts and ensure we are able to cater all patients.

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